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awatercolor mendocino sunset

Sunset Mendocino

Well, {I think} I need to finally confess, lest you are awaiting me here, I’m currently not updating Watercolor Candy, tho I adore (and KEPT) the name!

I’m trying to figure out how to use it in my other blog’s name, something like
Country Woman Paints Watercolor Candy?
You get the idea…
My blog, Country Woman Paints, and life itself, is too much of enough right now!
Obviously I suffer from a touch of OCD/ADD/ADHD…

I also decided to NOT post the same paintings to both blogs as it felt presumptuous as well as redundant. I mean, one of me around here is truly enough as it is!
Please venture over to Country Woman Paints for all things current until this “vacation” comes to an end.

And many thank you’s if you are reading along or following me.
I could kiss each and every one of you!  ❤❤❤

This “vacation” {hardly…} could change at any time.
But, as for today,
a sweltering day in June 2014,
the above is in effect!



Synesthesia The Lazy Way


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Lazy because…
I didn’t feel like trudging upstairs and freezing, setting up downstairs, getting my water jugs filled, trudging around looking for my supplies like brushes, paper, paint, etcetera, just because I hid them…

And I’ve been ugly sick……


rocky-cliffs ~watercolor

But had to have me some color.


Painting and Neglected Watercolor Candy


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nude watercolor abstractPerhaps I should throw in the paint rag? Perhaps I should say this blog is on hiatus. I have been having health challenges that curtail my creative impetus! And that is putting it mildly…

Do you like what I am calling an abstract nude?

If you want to read more from this woeful blogger, you will find me on my other blog. Probably you know that and are only interested in art as in painting. If that is so, I will share I paid for all those lovely upgrades so must be hanging onto this site and plan to return. My renegade color~freak brain is certainly not quiet.

I had a cuckoo clock, a terrible reproduction of a Black Forest style but made in China. It did have a lovely deer’s head on it’s front. I decided to pour paint over him after gessoing him in gold first and thinking the paint might not stick to the composite of wood he was made from. Perhaps I shall get around to a photo of him once his antlers are finished ~ sky blue over gold.
I have a thing for deer, you see.

watercolor "deer"-

Art is a line around your thoughts.
Gustav Klimt

Synesthesia Bird Takes Flight… or something like that…


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A clever little piece on a bird or perhaps a human bean having synesthetic moments or perhaps it’s flights of fancy? I wasn’t quite sure but it’s clever and kept ME watching with ADHD, which is quite a feat!

Never forget we are all artists, even the birds as they weave their nests, are Picassos.

Art is a line around your thoughts. 

Gustav Klimt

Watercolor Dance of Two Trees


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Explaining why he still painted when his hands were twisted with arthritis…
“The pain passes, but the beauty remains.”
~Pierre Auguste Renoir

watercolor two trees #1A magic coupling
Through mists they appear slowly
In watercolors dancing ~

watercolor two trees #1

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s palette, which provides the meaning of life and art.
It is the color of love. ~Marc Chagall

Heart Woman

heart woman

self portrait of a sort-
I have had some health challenges.
watercolor pencil 10×12

Sometimes my sand pail of colored pencils are all I need to satisfy my desire for whatever you want to call it.
In this case, frustration over health conditions beyond my control.

Anyway it certainly satisfies for the time being… “being” is about an hour or so.
Then perhaps, no longer satisfied with that, I move on to this or that again or maybe even that too.

Yes, I am certifiably insane….
Or 1000 other things!
Maybe I am human.
And bodies fall apart… thus she is in pieces stuck together.

~Emil Nolde~
There is silver blue, sky blue and thunder blue.
Every colour holds within it a soul, which makes me happy or repels me, and which acts as a stimulus.
To a person who has no art in him, colours are colours, tones tones…and that is all.
All their consequences for the human spirit, which range between heaven to hell, just go unnoticed…

English: Mark Harden's Artchive Nolde, Emil Wi...

English: Mark Harden’s Artchive Nolde, Emil Wildly Dancing Children 1909 Oil on canvas 73 x 88 cm Kunsthalle Kiel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Deviant Hues


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would have preferred these photos be at full size but I am  forever experimenting, unsatisfied but undeterred!

This is a “dirty pour” according to Nancy Reyner, a fabulous artist who paints in acrylic mixed media.
I recently bought her DVD on pouring acrylics and I have a lot to learn!
What messy fun this is!!

This remains on my table, waiting my next fit of enthusiastic energy.
That may come today or in a decade; one never knows the wind.

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…

I Adore Gold Iridescent Paint with Cobalt Blue, Purple, Cad Orange …


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down the rabbit hole
“Down the Rabbit Hole”
8″x 11″, Arches £140 cold pressed
watercolor, gold ink, pastel
{alas the gold does not photograph well}

I love this purple, Winsor&Newton cobalt,  in a very pale wash because it’s almost pink. And every shade of pink to rose to magenta. And I also think blue, from indigo to pthalo turquoise, is fabulous. Along with their complements of yellows and oranges. (Green is not a favorite but it certainly has it’s place, most especially Permanent Green Light.)
Rarely do I spare much of the white paper, probably for obvious reasons.

As for the painting itself, I have a fertile imagination.  And I garden with many little creatures who like my garden almost as much as I do. Except instead of planting flowers, they eat them.

I imagined their underground world they loved so well. I didn’t plan to paint an entire Kingdom of Gopher when I began but after the first bright splashes of color, I was looking right in the stained glass windows.

I have a penchant for hiding things. For finding surprises even I don’t predict.
I love to hide things, people, animals and images in my work.
If you look closely at this painting, you will see the little guys have back alleys, turrets, castles(of course), high-rise condos and little boxes on the hillside.

They have trees and flower beds.
I have no idea what their garden nemesis is but am sure they’re there somewhere.
Finally I added windows lit from within and the moon; a few little holes in which to enter their private kingdom.
I mean… everyone needs a front door.

May you find a peaceable kingdom wherever you are, golden or otherwise.

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.
T. S. Eliot

Precious is the Death Blow to Creativity


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Painting on Synesthesia.
Watercolor Candy.

My synesthesia-c brain was unhappy.
It demanded, whined, cajoled I trust my process.
I knew I knew better.
I digressed, veered, collided with my work…

I got stuck… blocked.
I grew increasingly frustrated with my “attempts”.

  And then a Realization!

The paintings were becoming too Precious.

acrylic painting

on the border of Borderline

watercolor+mixed media


The above painting is one of my first done over twenty years ago.
Unfortunately the gold inks and leaf do not show up.
That center purple is very appealing and reminds me of cold grape popsicles.


acrylic painting

on the border of Borderline

The painting above is still not finished tho I am considering it might be. (this is not a final version)
I used my hands, my knives, my brushes, paint pours and dripping, letting it run down the easel.

A visceral experience.

acrylic painting

Rainbow Oak Branch

I live in Sonoma County surrounded by mighty Oaks and grasslands. Above is a closeup of a 3′-4′ canvas I completed {!} a year or two ago.

I used every shade I had and that’s at least 38. Most was done with a knife, my favorite way with thick acrylic.

I am beginning to use more fluid acrylic. It’s ability to morph into watercolor while dishing up intense color is fabulous.

Some of Moondancer was done with Q. Rose, Coral, etc.



This practically painted itself tho I hesitate to think it’s so……. yet. It looks like I put it on a potter’s wheel but nay. Lots of throwing, tossing, dripping, flinging fun.


I was working on BirdsTree.
And then stopped.
For months.


Birds Tree ~ in progress

Finally I realized….

The painting had become precious. I did not want to screw it up! Now I have new inspiration for this painting. It will change a bit.

I hope you weren’t “attached”… {grins}

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
~William Wordsworth

The Trial of Drawing Gray Trees


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Below is my “Birds Tree painting”. Done in shades of gray… how sad.
You can’t miss it  in the last post, done in a delicious palette of color. Now it sits,  awaiting my “amazing” painting skills whilst I while away time {& energy} doing this! 

In MY world, this is NOT the way I want to create MY art!

Drawings-birds tree

the awful truth

I ran into trouble with “Birds” because the limbs, trunks, etc., were becoming indistinguishable. There was lacking dimension that would might make it more exciting.

So I resorted to printing a black and white image. Then with watercolor pencil of unknown brown – one I NEVER use – I  tried to work out what “should be” there.

Fun stuff this brown pencil and a printout of my previously colorful painting… now dimmed by shades of gray.
Sad to admit I have resorted to this low point…  Continue reading

Fabulous Post or NEW! Musings of A Country Woman who Paints… {Sometimes}


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watercolor birds tree

close up! at work on the right side at the moment…

Finally… Please meander to my blog called A Country Woman Who Paints. I have posted anew… HERE!

watercolor tree with birds

unfinished 16×22, Arches £140 cold pressed paper

Watercolor is a Four Year Odysessy to Halfway



“Bird Tree” (unfinished watercolor-22″x16″, arches cold pressed)

This is a watercolor I have been pondering since 2009. Unfortunately if not inspired, I cannot paint. It is but a waste of paper, paint and time. When I DO paint, I often paint more than one; some become semi-complete though to reach finality could take years, others nowhere near and still others destined for the “heap”. But tho an illusion, I “feel” somewhat productive for nights without sleep. And so they are now waiting……………..another night.


I have discovered another luscious blue. Prussian blue. This shade, after making many countless samples in true OCD fashion of my dozens of blues, was the finest sky. I feel it captures “sky” perfectly. A chance purchase that became a

I generally paint on very wet paper. After trying  hard to keep the bird shapes dry, a passable attempt at that, I realized it was unnecessary to keep those birds from that beautiful blue as I am painting them something other than white! So subsequent washes to come shall be much easier!

Apologies for the photography. The oranges too bright, the blues/violets too dark at times… Midnight photography in my treehouse studio! Next time I will try outdoors!
{My “room of one’s own“!}


When I paint with watercolor, my main passion, I am swept away in color-passion, shall we say? As my synesthesia is dictated (quite literally) by my taste buds, it is the interesting, all-consuming journey.

 I am now realizing that to illustrate my form of this fascinating neurological bent by means of my work may be illogical. Why? Because most every shade I use will sing to me. Otherwise they would not be there. Simple, sensible nonsense. Thus not to be deterred, there are particular shades, blends and combinations that particularly trigger my mouth-watering responses.
And one that really does not. Continue reading


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