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Painting on Synesthesia.
Watercolor Candy.

My synesthesia-c brain was unhappy.
It demanded, whined, cajoled I trust my process.
I knew I knew better.
I digressed, veered, collided with my work…

I got stuck… blocked.
I grew increasingly frustrated with my “attempts”.

  And then a Realization!

The paintings were becoming too Precious.

acrylic painting

on the border of Borderline

watercolor+mixed media


The above painting is one of my first done over twenty years ago.
Unfortunately the gold inks and leaf do not show up.
That center purple is very appealing and reminds me of cold grape popsicles.


acrylic painting

on the border of Borderline

The painting above is still not finished tho I am considering it might be. (this is not a final version)
I used my hands, my knives, my brushes, paint pours and dripping, letting it run down the easel.

A visceral experience.

acrylic painting

Rainbow Oak Branch

I live in Sonoma County surrounded by mighty Oaks and grasslands. Above is a closeup of a 3′-4′ canvas I completed {!} a year or two ago.

I used every shade I had and that’s at least 38. Most was done with a knife, my favorite way with thick acrylic.

I am beginning to use more fluid acrylic. It’s ability to morph into watercolor while dishing up intense color is fabulous.

Some of Moondancer was done with Q. Rose, Coral, etc.



This practically painted itself tho I hesitate to think it’s so……. yet. It looks like I put it on a potter’s wheel but nay. Lots of throwing, tossing, dripping, flinging fun.


I was working on BirdsTree.
And then stopped.
For months.


Birds Tree ~ in progress

Finally I realized….

The painting had become precious. I did not want to screw it up! Now I have new inspiration for this painting. It will change a bit.

I hope you weren’t “attached”… {grins}

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”
~William Wordsworth