Deviant Hues

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I would have preferred these photos be at full size but I am  forever experimenting, unsatisfied but undeterred!

This is a “dirty pour” according to Nancy Reyner, a fabulous artist who paints in acrylic mixed media.
I recently bought her DVD on pouring acrylics and I have a lot to learn!
What messy fun this is!!

This remains on my table, waiting my next fit of enthusiastic energy.
That may come today or in a decade; one never knows the wind.

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…

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12 thoughts on “Deviant Hues

    • Ayna,
      You should! It’s fun and easy. Go to her site for an explanation of what you need. Or just play like I did here. I played first and then I watched her dvd. HAHA, that’s what i always do. It’s the best way to really “know”.. if that makes sense. :)

  1. Oh it’s lovely……the colours in the pot are magnificent in and of themself. And that first bit–looks like a happy shark! LOL I know, vivid imagination, huh?
    I like it! And clearly, it looks FUN. FUN is awesome!!

    • Hi Mel,
      Thanks and isn’t it loverly? I was having so much fun doing this and as i said above to Ayna, it was before i actually learned of what i was doing. This is pure fun stuff. I have a few others i will be posting as we go along and I pour more on top. Endless fun really!! :) xxx

  2. I went right over to look at her website. Her lovely paintings really are ephemeral and strangely peaceful, in marked contrast to her somewhat frenetic teaching style on the videos. That last one done for a tv show was scary.

    I love the ones you did right away. They are deliciously colored and very happily formed little creatures of your fecund imagination. I’d like to try it too but unfortunately, I left my acrylics behind in Portland. Now I’ll have to buy more…

  3. Oh what FUN indeed, Linda!

    I saw what looked like a duck and a sun!

    HOLY COW….the colors are pure MAGIC! I always think of YOU when I see bright colors :)

    “I recently bought her DVD on pouring acrylics and I have a lot to learn!”

    But that’s fun part….learning!

    And I’m LOVIN’ the slideshow! What a great way to show your work!


    Have a faaaaaaabulous weekend,dear friend!

    (((((( You )))))))


  4. Will definitely look up the technique in my Nancy Reynor book. You do it soooo beautifully. Love your colors.RLTE

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