Synesthesia and Me

To create one’s own world, in any of the arts, takes courage.

Georgia OKeeffe

Paul Klee
synesthetic artist

This blog is a journal of my synesthetic meanderings
through each of my dozens of tubes, bottles and jars of paint.
Watching them mingle and blend, becoming something “other” as they flood across wet white watercolor paper.

Sometimes when needing something more “visceral” I turn to acrylic.
They are splattered, dripped, poured, smeared.

All is a color~drenched journey.

Synesthesia IS my way of delighting in  COLOR, using a sensory complexity to create my art.
Syn(a)esthesia is the crossing of two of more sensory perceptions at the same time.
In my case, I choose color based on how much my mouth waters.
Or that familiar sense of nauseated disgust!
I cannot paint any other way nor would I want to.
My form of synesthesia is gustatory/visual and found in >1% of synesthetes.
This means I taste color.
When I see color, I literally taste color at the same time.
I am not sure which happens first!
Thus when I paint, I am using my sense of taste to guide my color choices.
I have been tasting color for as long as I can remember.
Today there is much study of the neurological bent of the synesthetic mind.
Many questions are yet to be answered.
It is an exciting prospect given so many have some form of synesthesia,
especially children.
It is my hope we will stop forcing children to perceive their world differently.
Rather we will allow them to be the individuals they are,
even if lima bean green makes them sick…
Let them eat watermelon!!!

acrylic painting-borderline paint When not splashing paint, writing, photographing or gardening my back 240 acres, taming thistles and pasture grass,

my husband and I are growing grapes in Sonoma County, California




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